Thursday, March 8, 2012

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Angel Guidance Coach Melissa Kitto

Have you ever wondered why some folks can easily tap into their intuition? Get the answers they need on pinnacle moments in their lives and yet you could scream a question and get nothing? Today's podcast is with Angel Guidance Coach Melissa Kitto, an expert on tapping into a resource that is within all of us, and she helps give you the necessary tools to make it happen.

Master communication with your angels, strengthen your skills and intuition and learn how to ask the RIGHT kind of questions; instead of screaming from the mountain tops get the answers you need now with Melissa's tips and tricks to show you how!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Astrologist Tom Brady, 2012 and beyond

What exactly is astrology? Can it tell the future? If so, what does 2012 look like?

We are in extremely transformational times....times that we haven't seen since the 60's. Join me today with my guest, Astrologist Tom Brady, as we look into lunar calendars, astrology and this age old ritual of finding trends in the stars. Find out about our economy, community and humanity as it speaks through these symbols in the sky, and find out what December 21st means for you.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Connect with Spirit Eps 5

K from Connect with Spirit is an author, clairvoyant, healer and messenger of Spirit. In my latest podcast we discuss what it is like being clairvoyant, what a soulmate is, the importance of meditation, and the messages she receives from Spirit.

What is a Spirit guide? Do we all have them?  What is the difference between an angel, and a Spirit guide? These are just a few questions we hit on in todays podcast with K, from Connect with Spirit. Click below to hear more!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our latest podcast with Dr Jami Grich

Last month I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr Jami Grich, a clinical psychologist, who specializes in finding your joy. Join us in our latest podcast as she and I talk about breaking human patterns, acceptance, yoga, meditation and learning to find your joy!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Podcast 3 - Dr. Suzanne Lie

Did you know that different realities all exist at the same time? Are you aware of your multidimensional self? Join me today as I sit down for a mind blowing interview with Dr. Suzanne Lie from, where we discuss ascension, different realities, other galaxies, time and higher consciousness.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Upcoming events

I just wrapped up an interview with Dr Susan Lie this past week, for the Zen Chakra podcast. I recently did a blog post on her here, and to say I was over the moon to interview her is an understatement. She was incredibly easy to talk to, and very gifted.

Dr Lie has a PHd in clinical psychology, a BA in in speech pathology and a Masters in Audiology. What makes Susan so special is her ability to channel other worlds, namely the Arcturians. She has insights on ascension and what to expect as we enter into 2012 with a higher consciousness. Our conversation delves into consciousness, our multidimensional selves, 2012 and the importance of November 11, 2011.   Find out more about Susan at her website,

Another upcoming event is my interview with K from Connect with Spirit. K and her husband Dr Michael Taylor wrote an amazing book called Dating the messenger, an inside look at the intimate details of living a life as a medium. A true story about readings, spirituality, God, ghosts and finding true love.

Not only is her book captivating and funny, but it really opens the window on what it is like to hold such a gift. I have personally worked with K on my own spiritual path and her insight has been astounding. 

Ever wonder why you are here? Wonder what your purpose is? Working with K has taught me that one of my lessons this time around is learning to honor myself, and believe. I have worked with many, many, MANY clairvoyants over the years and often been misguided. Finding K was a gift in itself and if you are searching for your soul purpose, or wondering why you are here, she will change your life.

K and I will sit down this December for the Zen Chakra podcast to talk about her own journey, life as a medium and and what to expect as we enter into a golden age.
Love and Light