Friday, August 19, 2011

New age thinking vs Western Culture

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend one of Bill Plotkins Soucraft intensives in early March. Having never done anything like this I wasn't entirley sure what I had gotten myself into. Open-minded, and ready to explore, I dove into the idea of heading out into nature to talk to trees.

For five glorious days I trekked through the woods (in the middle of no where) to connect with the divine. Not only was I in the middle of no where, I was camping with 12 strangers I had never met. Strangley enough, despite all the signs to be alarmed or rather programmed to fear such unknown circumstances, never in my life had I felt more connected, and safe. These were my people. 
For five days my heart poured open. So much sadness and grief held within me for so long and for the first time in my life I felt accepted, and welcomed. By the end of the trip I was further saddened to leave my family. I truly dreaded going home.

Animas Quest PhotoThe experience left a very strong impact on my life. It also opened me up to many new modalities and practices such as regular meditation, and chakra healing. All of which I had done for many years of my life, but never with so much conviction and purpose. Never had it connected to the root of who I was, or had such a deep meaning, until that trip. It was as if I had been unzipped and a new light of energy had been injected through me.

So why is it that an experience such as this can leave such a strong impact on ones life, completley change it for the better, and yet still fall on deaf ears for so many? This is the question that really brought Bev and I together. We desperately wanted to share in our amazing transitions, but no one we knew wanted to take part in such "woo-woo" thinking. 

Our ancestors practiced special ceremonies regularly and followed daily rituals to honor and bless nature and the unseen gods. So when and where did our rancid western culture get so lost? Perhaps somewhere between the intersection of My super sweet 16 and Jersey Shore fame? Or was it as simple as the idea that a two income family suddenly made life a little easier until it became a game of keeping up with the neighbors? I think the death of a reality stars husband is proof positive that perception is certainly not reality, and it's time for us to put our feet back on the ground.


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  1. I received a few emails this morning about Bill Plotkins program. It is a soulcraft intensive. For more info email us (you can find in the contact us tab above and I will send the info! thanks