Monday, October 10, 2011

The Zen Chakra forum :: Index

BevDee and I met in a chat I know what your thinking, but luckily this chat room didn’t lead to dark and unenlightened pathways. Nope. This one lead to fired up chakras, excitement and the invention and evolution of Zen Chakra.

BevDee and I wanted to expand our one on one network. While the conversation between her and I was fantastic, she and I soon realized that many people would love to join in on this path to enlightenment to. Within a few short weeks we had developed the Zen Chakra forum. Actually the forum was pretty much her undertaking.....but I gracefully joined in, taking credit with her for all it’s glory. Truth be told, being behind the scenes on the forum scares the bageezus out of me. I have yet to conquer its sophistication.

Luckily, I am an expert blogger and happened to have a passion or dream rather, of having an enlightened podcast. So, like any perfect yin and yang relationship, BevDee and I have found our callings, appreciate and honor each others capabilities and understand that we can’t be perfect at everything. As the saying goes:

No, I realize I am not perfect, however, parts of me are incredible!”

Find our forum link at the top of the blog under the ‘forum' tab. You can also find our podcast, and additional information there too!

Zen-Chakra: Our Forum

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