Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Suzan Carroll PhD Welcome Page

Suzan is an expert in the multi dimensions and multidimensional self. Since she was a very young child she has had  “Visions” of other realities in which everything looks, smells, sounds, and feels different. She channels much of her writing, and drawings of these realities. Ever hear the saying: "a picture is worth?” Well her drawings are incredible, colorful and speak dimensions!

Suzan has a wealth of information on meditation, the unconscious, the conscious, and superconscious on her website. 

Being light body
Here is one of my personal favorites from her collections on youtube! Click here if video is not working.

Well I am happy to say Zen Chakra has an interview lined up with Suzan for our podcast!!
 Stay tuned for more info and we will let you know when it’s slated to hit iTunes!

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