Saturday, September 10, 2011

The counter clockwise manifestation game

In an effort to manifest the material things I desired, in 2007 I built the most beautiful vision board. Chalked full of fancy house interiors, a booming business model, a diamond ring bigger than my head, and to complete the image, a new Maserati. I mean, if we are going to dream big we want to shoot for the stars right?
Law of Attraction Vision Board

SO with high vibration, a stroke of good luck and a little will power I presume that all my wishes will come true, right? OK, not right away. Apparently a week is not enough time. Maybe this takes a couple of weeks.....or maybe a few months?..............then I realized I was now in 2008 and I still didn't have a red Maserati in the driveway. Shoot. Did I want red? Maybe I asked for blue, and now I have diluted everything by thinking it was red. Dammit. Do I have to start over? OK, blue it is. I will focus on blue, a booming business and a fancy house. I don't really need the diamonds.

Now it is the fall of 2008, still no car, I have lost interest in the house, and I cannot fit anything into the Maserati, and to be honest I hate blue! But the booming business I will take!.......BOOM! Economy crashes, housing market plummets and the retail market logs a record breaking fall since the 80's. But that is OK. my vibration is high, I don't need a house, or a car and a booming business is easy........

In walks one difficult client after another. Absolutely no sales, profits below 15%, cutting staff and the cherry on top...overhead out the wazoo! Screw the vision board, I need an effing miracle and a baby Jesus!

The plummet in the economy took a brash affect on me internally. I held on to my beliefs that I could rise above it, but I still had the internal anarchy to battle of self conflict. A constant yes-no-yes-no mentality of, "I can do this....holy crap how am I going to do this?!!"

My answer? Meditation. And this took awhile to get it right. Full of anxiety, frustration and anger I continually went into my space with all the wrong emotions. And the worst thing? I fell into desperation and begging. Not exactly the emotional state you should be in, when the space is meant for manifestation of all things good.

I now feel like I have a handle on my meditation practices, and chakra healing work. But it took me an entire year just to get to the place where I could center myself long enough to focus on more than just what is. Even though I kept TRYING to focus on future possibilities I kept getting hung up on the everyday "what is" of my life. Three years to be exact. Three years at the bottom of the well climbing upwards, but getting caught on the daily hang-ups of life, throwing me back to the bottom of the well.

The goal of meditation and energy work is to get you to a place of absolute belief that everything that is being thrown at you, on your way out of the well, is merely static. No you shouldn't ignore it, but simply acknowledge it and continue climbing. My mistake was that every time that static would hit me, I would let go of the rope and fall.....and I would have to start all over again.

The point is, hang on. Believe, trust, and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. ( a beautiful light that includes a maserati!) And the closer you get to it, the more static (obstacles) you will face. It is the universes way of testing you. Little things to see if you are ready. Letting go of that rope is proof that I wasn't ready, because I did not believe. In order to manifest you have to believe in yourself, trust that it is coming and know that you deserve it. Otherwise, you are just getting caught up in the counter clockwise manifestion game, and having a go at a good game of tug-of-war, that you'll never win!


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  2. Do I have to start over? OK, blue it is. I will focus on blue, a booming business and a fancy house. deep sleep