Friday, October 7, 2011

Weapons of mass Optimism grow or prosper vigorously. 

The human condition loves to suffer, we all have an automatic default button for it. I have found that when I get into a slump I like to have one word verbs or adjectives in my back pocket. My favorite? You guessed it, T-H-R-I-V-E.

It’s inevitable, we all have “those” days or “those” moments that can welcome a catalyst of unsavory emotions and conditions.....but instead of allowing them to spiral out of control, be prepared. No athlete plays a game without preparation. No contractor builds a house without tools......

Here are some of my weapons of mass optimism :)

Prosperous, Flourishing, Expansive, Opulent, Affluent, Nurtured, Loved, Honored. 

Have a word or group of words that lifts your spirits. Kinda like having an imaginary set of earphones singing in your ears.....”Shes a brick Houwzzz.....!!” Just taking a few minutes to step out of “those” emotions and allowing yourself to step into better ones will dramatically change the shape of your day. Stay present, and create a shift that lets you THRIVE!

What are some of your favorite tools of optimism?

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  1. I have an analogy I love - that of a hole. When I'm miserable it means I've fallen into a hole and I just have to remind myself that I can get out if I want to. That's enough to give me the kick up the bum I need to get my head straight.