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Podcast 3 - Dr Suzanne Lie

Did you know that different realities all exist at the same time? Are you aware of your multidimensional self? Join me today as I sit down for a mind blowing interview with Dr. Suzanne Lie from Multidimensions.com, where we discuss ascension, different realities, other galaxies, time and higher consciousness.

Podcast 2 - Spirituality vs Religion

Do you remember what it was like being twenty? For me, it seems like decades ago that I was out of the control of my parents, and diving into life head first! Gleaming with opportunity and limitless possibilities, twenty is a time when many of us take life by the horns and create our own favorable circumstances. But is it possible in a time when the gloom of 2012 is just around the corner?

Today join me as I sit down with three twenty somethings to get their view on the state of our planet, reincarnation, Religion vs Spirituality and the prospects of 2012 through the eyes of a twenty year old.

Podcast 1 - A journey with the universal laws

Today join me, Amanda, on my own journey on things like meditation, positive affirmations, laws of the universe, and spiritual healing. Here I discuss my exploration with the universe from unaware college student, to self enlightened 30 something.

Still on my own road trying to find my way, this podcast shares some of my own ups and downs, and focuses on the importance that positive thoughts and actions possess. Learn lessons on things that can work for you, and things to avoid, and see your own experiences through mine!

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Podcast 0 - A welcome note

Join amanda on this quick welcome note to introduce you to our new podcast. We are excited about this next step and look forward to speaking to the best minds on meditation, yoga, astral travel, lucid dreaming, ascension, and more!