Saturday, October 22, 2011

Podcast 3 - Dr. Suzanne Lie

Did you know that different realities all exist at the same time? Are you aware of your multidimensional self? Join me today as I sit down for a mind blowing interview with Dr. Suzanne Lie from, where we discuss ascension, different realities, other galaxies, time and higher consciousness.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Upcoming events

I just wrapped up an interview with Dr Susan Lie this past week, for the Zen Chakra podcast. I recently did a blog post on her here, and to say I was over the moon to interview her is an understatement. She was incredibly easy to talk to, and very gifted.

Dr Lie has a PHd in clinical psychology, a BA in in speech pathology and a Masters in Audiology. What makes Susan so special is her ability to channel other worlds, namely the Arcturians. She has insights on ascension and what to expect as we enter into 2012 with a higher consciousness. Our conversation delves into consciousness, our multidimensional selves, 2012 and the importance of November 11, 2011.   Find out more about Susan at her website,

Another upcoming event is my interview with K from Connect with Spirit. K and her husband Dr Michael Taylor wrote an amazing book called Dating the messenger, an inside look at the intimate details of living a life as a medium. A true story about readings, spirituality, God, ghosts and finding true love.

Not only is her book captivating and funny, but it really opens the window on what it is like to hold such a gift. I have personally worked with K on my own spiritual path and her insight has been astounding. 

Ever wonder why you are here? Wonder what your purpose is? Working with K has taught me that one of my lessons this time around is learning to honor myself, and believe. I have worked with many, many, MANY clairvoyants over the years and often been misguided. Finding K was a gift in itself and if you are searching for your soul purpose, or wondering why you are here, she will change your life.

K and I will sit down this December for the Zen Chakra podcast to talk about her own journey, life as a medium and and what to expect as we enter into a golden age.
Love and Light

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To find your truth

It is hard to believe that we are limitless beings with unlimited potential. In our human minds we catch ourselves on the smallest of details and allow them to stagnate our lives. For me, three years I have been holding on to "what was", and how hard I worked to get there. Terrified to let it go, knowing that if I just tried a little harder....I could save it. However, in my undaunted efforts to save, I strangled and forced what was no longer necessary. But I would not give up, I would not F A I L.

How many of you have been there? Hanging on so tight to something that doesn’t belong to you anymore. Finally, last Monday I gave in. I threw my hands in the air, fell to my knees and gave up. My EGO crushed.  I wasn’t a quitter but today I felt I was. Wouldn’t you know that when I gave in the clouds parted, the sun came out and things started falling into place. Like being in a ball for three years, I was finally able to EXPAND.

E  X  P  A  N  D

Don’t allow yourself to get so caught up in what is, that you blind yourself of what could be. Instead allow yourself to expand, open up and allow spirit to guide you. Listen, pay attention and if “it” isn’t working, let it go.

Undergo continuous change, and growth can occur; expansion.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Zen Chakra forum :: Index

BevDee and I met in a chat I know what your thinking, but luckily this chat room didn’t lead to dark and unenlightened pathways. Nope. This one lead to fired up chakras, excitement and the invention and evolution of Zen Chakra.

BevDee and I wanted to expand our one on one network. While the conversation between her and I was fantastic, she and I soon realized that many people would love to join in on this path to enlightenment to. Within a few short weeks we had developed the Zen Chakra forum. Actually the forum was pretty much her undertaking.....but I gracefully joined in, taking credit with her for all it’s glory. Truth be told, being behind the scenes on the forum scares the bageezus out of me. I have yet to conquer its sophistication.

Luckily, I am an expert blogger and happened to have a passion or dream rather, of having an enlightened podcast. So, like any perfect yin and yang relationship, BevDee and I have found our callings, appreciate and honor each others capabilities and understand that we can’t be perfect at everything. As the saying goes:

No, I realize I am not perfect, however, parts of me are incredible!”

Find our forum link at the top of the blog under the ‘forum' tab. You can also find our podcast, and additional information there too!

Zen-Chakra: Our Forum

Friday, October 7, 2011

Weapons of mass Optimism grow or prosper vigorously. 

The human condition loves to suffer, we all have an automatic default button for it. I have found that when I get into a slump I like to have one word verbs or adjectives in my back pocket. My favorite? You guessed it, T-H-R-I-V-E.

It’s inevitable, we all have “those” days or “those” moments that can welcome a catalyst of unsavory emotions and conditions.....but instead of allowing them to spiral out of control, be prepared. No athlete plays a game without preparation. No contractor builds a house without tools......

Here are some of my weapons of mass optimism :)

Prosperous, Flourishing, Expansive, Opulent, Affluent, Nurtured, Loved, Honored. 

Have a word or group of words that lifts your spirits. Kinda like having an imaginary set of earphones singing in your ears.....”Shes a brick Houwzzz.....!!” Just taking a few minutes to step out of “those” emotions and allowing yourself to step into better ones will dramatically change the shape of your day. Stay present, and create a shift that lets you THRIVE!

What are some of your favorite tools of optimism?

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Suzan Carroll PhD Welcome Page

Suzan is an expert in the multi dimensions and multidimensional self. Since she was a very young child she has had  “Visions” of other realities in which everything looks, smells, sounds, and feels different. She channels much of her writing, and drawings of these realities. Ever hear the saying: "a picture is worth?” Well her drawings are incredible, colorful and speak dimensions!

Suzan has a wealth of information on meditation, the unconscious, the conscious, and superconscious on her website. 

Being light body
Here is one of my personal favorites from her collections on youtube! Click here if video is not working.

Well I am happy to say Zen Chakra has an interview lined up with Suzan for our podcast!!
 Stay tuned for more info and we will let you know when it’s slated to hit iTunes!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pay it forward-A small act of kindness can lead to big rewards

Influence_Final2-527x426.jpg 527×426 pixels

Ten years ago I was living in Las Vegas and working for a small design firm. My partner in crime Deborah was an amazing woman that I really looked up to. She had an amazing memory for which I valued and honored greatly since my memory is pretty much non existent. But one of her greatest gifts she ever gave me was the gift of kindness. Her heart was the size of Texas, and she taught me that no one and I mean NO ONE was beneath me and everyone deserved a chance no matter their circumstances.

In Las Vegas it is common for the paper boy to sit on the corner of a residential neighborhood and hand out  papers on Sunday. Everyone knows that if they want a paper  they just drive around for a moment and they will find one. On one particular Sunday Deborah and I were working and it began to rain cats and dogs....a very rare occurrence in the desert.

We were in what was considered a lower economic location of Las Vegas when we noticed a boy walking in the rain with all his papers. Completely defeated because all his papers were ruined and he only makes money based on what he sells. Deborah raced over to him and told him to get in the car. She gave him forty dollars (three times more than the papers were worth). His clothes were tattered, the soles of his shoes gone and he looked as if he hadn't slept in days. She drove to McDonald's and bought the boy $10 dollars worth a food and then we drove him home.

Her generosity and big heart changed my life and allowed so much compassion into my life that I never knew I had. To this day I remember how happy the boy was, and how excited he was to meet this crazy lady with a fat wallet, and friends at McDonald's!

Deborah kept in touch with the boy over the years to make sure he stayed in school and made sure he stayed on track. She was notorious for doing this sort of thing. But because of Deborah's generosity the boy enrolled in UNLV five years ago and he is getting his masters in social work. Because of one chance encounter a child's life was changed and will influence those in his future.

Why is this significant? Often times we devalue ourselves and feel that we are not deserving or special. Many of us struggle to find our self worth. Deborah never felt that she was anything special, and refused to see how wonderful she was simply because she never graduated high school. An act that society told her was necessary to be valuable. But her one act of kindness changed the direction of someones life for the better, and that my friends is greater and more valuable than any diploma.

What will you do today to change the life of someone around you? How can you be of service to change someones life?