Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A love note to yourself

Sometimes I get really frustrated with God. How is it that I can work so hard at something, KNOW what it is I need to do, FEEL like I am doing it.......PRAY, and PRAY and PRAY on it......and retrieve nothing in return?

Then I hear Garth Brooks in my head..”sometimes God’s greatest gifts, are unanswered prayers.” As I struggle to keep my head above water in a most challenging and difficult economy, I find myself asking questions like “is this what God/Spirit wants for me?” Some days I am elated for the simple things that bring me joy. Then I get another bill, or another debt collector, or another one of life's challenges on my doorstep, and I think "God cant possible want this for me!” And off I go into my broken record, starting the pattern of hopelessness again!

How many of you can relate to this story? Despite these many challenges, I see the divine all around me. And if you look, you will too. A dear friend reminded me to ALLOW God’s greatest good into my life. Frustration and constriction never gets you anywhere she screeched! And she is right, Angels are all around us, open yourself up to it, trust and believe. More importantly, PAY ATTENTION. Remember my dear friends, angels come in many forms.......mine came in the form of an HVAC repair man this morning that had to remind me that a smooth sea never makes a skillful sailor. 

Love and light 


  1. So true! And once good things start happening, with gratitude, more good things come.

  2. I've often heard it said that the Lord doesn't let any prayer go unanswered. Sometimes, the most loving answer is 'no'. It may mean that there is a greater good. Perhaps you can offer up your sufferings as a sacrifice for His will. (I know it's hard, but it can make the suffering feel a little bit better!)

    Thanks for stopping by today!

  3. Wow!!! I question this all the time. I've come to understand/believe that God always answers me . . . sometimes it's yes. Other times it's no or wait. This post was so on time for me. Thanks for posting. And thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Oh, this is all too true for me. I have had seasons of extreme faithfulness. My prayer life was stellar and I was just certain all my efforts would be rewarded. Unfortunately, what I was praying for did not happen. It would have made life so much easier. Instead, life was harder and I was defeated. Why be so faithful if it doesn't work?!? I even began to wonder if God ever changed his mind based on my faithful prayers.

    I think we all experience such lulls. Thankfully, my spirit was renewed slowly but surely. I still sometimes question my ability to change the outcome God has planned. And that can be frustrating, but over all, I have faith that His plan is so much grander than my own. He sees the big picture I cannot. My faith ultimately rests in His capable hands.

  5. I love that quote. And it's so true. Our greatest growth often comes through trials. Thanks for visiting my blog today!