Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A welcome note podcast

BevDee and I are kicking butt. We have gotten the blog and forum up and running....or shall I say BevDee got the forum totally up and running and I am stepping in to take some of the credit. Have to watch us blondies, we are known for being slackers! Ha!

The most exciting thing about this collective effort is that BevDee and I both want to share our spiritual path, and we both want to open up a conversation amongst our readers about their experiences. But we also have special interests too. My big interest? I really want to launch a podcast. I absolutely love Kelly Howell and her interviews with people like William Bulman and Tom Brady. I also love books and interviews by people like Judith Orloff , Jeff Klein, Nicki Scully, Anodea Judith because they truly inspire me.

While I have NO IDEA what I am doing, I am determined to interview the best minds in the spiritual world, (physical and non-physical may apply:) so if I have to start with interviewing BevDee, I am sure she will be happy to be my first guest...if we really, really sweet talk her! My first ever podcast is a little on the rough side. Yup, took me ALL day to get this three minute podcast so I apologize for the poor quality. But let this be a wonderful starting point to reflect back on when we hit our biggest milestone...perhaps interviewing Kelly herself? Oh talk about first circle!

Click here to listen to my first podcast-A welcome podnote

Thanks so much for listening
much love and light

PS- If you want more info on Tom Brady (who doesn't have a website) please contact us!

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