Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To find your truth

It is hard to believe that we are limitless beings with unlimited potential. In our human minds we catch ourselves on the smallest of details and allow them to stagnate our lives. For me, three years I have been holding on to "what was", and how hard I worked to get there. Terrified to let it go, knowing that if I just tried a little harder....I could save it. However, in my undaunted efforts to save, I strangled and forced what was no longer necessary. But I would not give up, I would not F A I L.

How many of you have been there? Hanging on so tight to something that doesn’t belong to you anymore. Finally, last Monday I gave in. I threw my hands in the air, fell to my knees and gave up. My EGO crushed.  I wasn’t a quitter but today I felt I was. Wouldn’t you know that when I gave in the clouds parted, the sun came out and things started falling into place. Like being in a ball for three years, I was finally able to EXPAND.

E  X  P  A  N  D

Don’t allow yourself to get so caught up in what is, that you blind yourself of what could be. Instead allow yourself to expand, open up and allow spirit to guide you. Listen, pay attention and if “it” isn’t working, let it go.

Undergo continuous change, and growth can occur; expansion.

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