Monday, September 5, 2011

The Power of knowing

When I met Jori in the late nineties, it changed my life. Not only did she tell me I was one of her girls in a brothel over 150 years ago, she also introduced me to the likes of Brian Weiss, and Micheal Newton, experts in past life regression and souls.

I'll never forget the day. I had just been fired.....(for the 20th time) and Jori had just gotten a brand new job that required her to be gone over night. Since I had nothing better to do, I agreed to stay at her house and watch Tess, her old  pound mutt, that she adored.

Jori had no TV, and Tess being 13 years old, wasn't much for entertainment. To this day I swear Jori had underlying intentions, but she'll never admit to it! On her end table in the living room was a stack of books......all about reincarnation, life between lives, soul journey and our purpose on this earth.

The first one that I read was Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton.  I ended up reading the book all night and finishing it the next day. It was extraordinary. Dr Newton takes us on a journey about what it feels like when we die, why we are here, karma, Spirit guides, ghosts, soul life, choosing our bodies, and determining the lessons we will learn.

We are living in a reality with many dimensions, and as a soul, earth is one of the most difficult dimensions and also the furthest from our divine connection. I cannot remember if it was Weiss or Newton, but one of the books compared earth to high school....which really put things in perspective for me.

We are here only for a moment of our eternal lives. We are here to learn and grow as a soul, and learn lessons that advance our souls evolution. There are young souls, intermediate souls, and advanced souls, that radiate colors from light to dark. The more advanced souls radiate a beautiful violet color. 

Most souls reincarnate for thousands of years. And each life is specifically chosen down to the parents we will have, our spouses, and the lessons learned. If there are karmic lessons those will be chosen as well. Say for example you were a women who felt you could not do things on your own and always relied on someone else to take care of you. Your next life may be of one alone, so you learn to trust in yourself and your abilities.

Ever wonder why you do certain things, or fear strange things like heights? Those are residual energies left on you from past lives. My girlfriend is a perfect example of this. She fears fire, and has never had a desire to have any children. When under hypnosis she discovered that 400 years ago she had five children that she lost in a town fire.

Many people have the belief that we are here but only once. That when we die, we are dead. I never believed that life wasn't eternal. I could not explain this knowing, but I always believed that there was something more. I believe that is the reason religion has been consistent in all cultures for thousands of years, because at our cores we are all knowing, and it is a guide book to our soul resources and purpose. Many of the scriptures are a window into our divine source and it is there to remind us that we are eternal. 

While here, our memories are erased for a reason. We have lessons to learn, and free will to choose. We may choose the wrong thing five times, but the good news is there are always do overs! We meet up with soul mates who are from our soul groups, and together we help each other learn lessons and grow. 

Because of my soul mate Jori, I was guided to knowledge that opened me up to the spirit world. It helped me understand more about who I am, and that each obstacle I encounter is one of greater importance. I am not money, I am not my fear or guilt, I am not even this body. Simply put, I am......and that my friends, is the POWER in knowing!

Love and Light 

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  1. This book is amazing, so a favourite of mine too!
    So mind and heart opening! Loads of love to you :)