Thursday, September 15, 2011

Garden of the Gods

Ever feel like you aren’t yourself? Or feel like each day is a repeating, familiar struggle that refuses to change for the better? In order to create change in our lives it is necessary for us to let go and allow. Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately for us, our default button always resets to lack and struggle. We are terrific masters at suffering. Think about it. When sitting at dinner with friends do you go on and on about how much money you are making, how easy the bills are to pay and that the government has finally gotten right? Of course not. We like to complain and be miserable by nature. Get yourself into any group and it is easy to fall into the abyss. Instead of falling into the familiar struggle, tonight or in the morning call on your angels and affirm:

 "Wake me up to see who I really am, and free me of my limited perceptions that I have taken on.” ~ Carol Tuttle

Be prepared to be blown away and SEE who you really are. You will honestly take your own breath away! All it takes is a simple request. Believe, love and trust in yourself. You are a child of God and your life’s purpose matters. And I guarantee you that your purpose by God’s definition doesn’t include struggle, but rather unconditional and eternal love.

Love and Light


  1. I love this. Sometimes it is hard to believe, love and trust yourself though. But I find that when I do, I'm a much happier, stronger person!

  2. So true that it is much easier to vent and complain that to be positive. I'm working on it!