Monday, September 26, 2011

Flourish - stronger than it sounds!

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I have always been 'growth' orientated,... bar the fact that I am 5ft zero!  Growth as in personal development, in myself and in others.  But the term 'flourish' was brought to my attention recently and I dismissed it as girly, flowery, and soft...  How wrong was I?  Being pedantic as I am, I looked it up in the dictionary, and to all intents and purposes that is one iceberg of a word!

To Flourish:
  • To prosper
  • To be successful
  • To do or fare well
  • To be in one's prime
  • To thrive
  • To grow well, luxuriantly
  • To be in a period of highest productivity, excellence, influence...
I believe we could all use some flourishing in our lives, relationships and passions!

How are you going to flourish today?

Let your Love and Light Shine - It Brightens the World!

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