Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inspiration, insight and finding your authentic self

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So how come with all this fabulous knowledge of wealth, entrepreneurship and bettering oneself have I not 'got it' yet?!  Why am I not a millionaire, high flying business woman?  

This is my point!  I have drifted from one change your life book to the next for half my life, each bringing its own gifts and nuggets of insight.  But have I systematically applied them? No. Have I learned the principles? No. Have I sabotaged my chances when they arose? Frequently. And so the story goes...  I know it is not unfamiliar, and that I am not alone in this now.  I know I suffered noteworthy lack of self worth, that I have hidden myself and my talents away from the world for 20 years, feeling small and insignificant for poor reasons...

I have been liberated from a life of self imposed shame, of living in the shadows of life and have stepped, no leapt, into my radiant authentic self - I thank and acknowledge Katherine Woodward Thomas & Claire Zammit of Feminine Power for this [see post below] - they provide the most comprehensive, personal resource experience over 7 weeks that will change your life, for good.  From the bottom of my heart I Believe this, and on the back of my transformation I am writing the next chapter of my life myself!! Up-front, not the biography!!

Let Your Love and Light Shine - it makes the world a brighter place!

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