Wednesday, September 21, 2011


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Or are they???   Reading the likes of these isn't going to lead the way to an enlightend life any time soon, is it?!  Seriously, what are you nourising your spirit with?  What mind food do you consume - with all the doom and gloom and negativity that abounds in the media supressing the enlightened soul?  
We need to counteract such attacks on our evolutionary well-being and stand strong in our conviction that a better way of life can be lived - we all have an active role to play - and as Amanda has highlighed so well below - it is all too easy to get sucked into perpetual misery and the 'my life sucks' mode of thinking...  STOP!!  Take a stance on how much negativity enters your life and start showing up in the light of well being and take action towards the life you want to live!

Here are some books that have inspired me on my spiritual path over the years, in the order they came to me:

* The Trick to Money Is Having Some - Stuart Wilde - Laugh out loud, free yourself from financial struggle...

* Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill - the core principles of wealth, standing the test of time!

* Millionaire Upgrade - Richard Parkes Cordock - brilliant unfolding of entrepreneurial knowledge, written as a story - it's not so difficult if I BELIEVE in a better way of the world...

* The Richest Man in Babylon - George S Glason - should be essential reading on the ways of money management - wonderful tales spinning only the common sense truths!

* & I confess... anything by Anthony Robbins, but I perfer his audio because he is such an inspiring person and dynamic speaker.

Share in the Comments below - some of the actions you intend to take to counteract the mass negativity in the world - we stand by you and with you as you journey - come on over to the ZenChakra Forum and join the conversations, find support and just 'be' in the ZenChakra state of mind!

Let your Love and Light Radiate - it brightens the world!

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